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How I Finally Got Pool Solar Panels

April 4th, 2011 No comments

Envy Those Pool Solar Panels

pool solar panels
The pool at my house was too cold to get into and my next door neighbor, who was in his pool with his grandchildren, was telling his wife to turn down the water flow from his pool solar panels because it was too hot. I’m spending over $89.00 per month to heat  my pool and it’s too cold and his was too warm for free. I decided right then to heat my pool with pool solar panels instead of electricity.  I got on my computer and started reading and calling  to get an idea what it would cost to have pool solar panels built and installed. An hour later I decided two things. First, I didn’t know enough about the technology of pool solar panels, solar panels and solar energy to defend myself from what the salespeople were trying to sell me. Second, regardless of what I didn’t know about technology, I knew my wallet wasn’t going to pay the prices they wanted to get.

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Four Questions About Pool Solar Panels

The solution was to learn why Pool Solar Panels were so expensive to build and install. I got a pad and paper and wrote down everything I remembered from my phone calls. Other than the expense I had only really learned four things.

1) The direction of my roof faced in was important.
2) The size of my pool combined with what kind of pool solar panels I chose controlled the number of panels.
3) The temperature I thought was comfortable would depend on the time of year.
4) The more I did myself the more money I would save.

I got back on the internet, and instead of talking to people who wanted me to hire them to do the work, I began looking for people who would teach me about pool solar panels. The sites I went to were Wikipedia and the do it yourself style. The reason they were asking about the roof line was efficiency. No matter where you are in the US your pool solar panels will work best if they face south. The more sunlight per day the more effective the solar energy system would be. The type of material the pool solar panels are made from and and which of the three types of systems combined with the number of gallons and the temperature control the end cost. They described a solar calculator to help determine the cost effectiveness of the pool solar panels.

The Pool Solar Panels Answers

With that information I was able to determine why the prices for buying and installing pool solar panels varied so much. The solar energy systems which collected the energy, turned it into electricity, and then heated the water were the most expensive. The pool solar panels systems which used a heat exchanger, like a solar water heater, were the next most expensive. The systems which worked directly with the pool water were the least expensive. After learning some of the framework for how the pool solar panels systems worked I was not as intimidated about doing some of the work myself. Which led me to those do it yourself solar water heater and do it yourself pool solar panels sales pages. WOW! According to the sales pages I could buy any one of six and go live off the land for free for the rest of my life! Not only was I going to get my pool solar panels but also directions to build wind turbines, organic gardens, chicken coops, convert gas engines to electric and even build an engine that ran on WATER! All for $47.00! I don’t know about you, but I was taught early that there’s no such thing as free lunch. Some of those pages were promising free lunch for life! The task was warming my pool with pool solar panels and it was hard to decide which author was going to get that done. I read through them and chose the $29.00 plan.

Pool Solar Panels Mistakes

I chose wrong. The system I bought first for my pool solar panels heated water using a coiled garden hose on a sheet of plywood. I’m sure it works and works well for for small above ground pools. My 6500 gallon in ground pool needs pool solar panels not a series of coiled garden hoses. There actually are systems you can buy on line for under $200 which are pre-made and will work for your small pool. On to my second choice for pool solar panels. The problem with the next program was me. The system works fine. There are videos and detailed plans that got my really excited. So excited I didn’t make sure there were plans for pool solar panels. I will certainly use most of the information in the second program. Just not the part about chicken coops. Third choice was a winner.

Pool Solar Panels Done Right

The program which is going to heat my pool came from GreenEcoClub. I almost didn’t buy it because of the name. I was looking for pool solar panels, not “going green”. Turns out you can do both at the same time. This program has all the information, plans, videos and suppliers information I need for my pool solar panels and so much more. It has everything from solar panels to energy saving tips and most of what’s in between. No chicken coops though. There’s even a thirty day guarantee with full money back. The bad news is that it’s a monthly subscription. After receiving all the e-books and bonuses (Even a solar calculator!) I’ve decided I will stay with the program. It certainly seems worth it. I will update this later. Thanks for reading along. Please feel free to comment about pool solar panels.

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How Solar Energy Works To Warm My Pool

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How To Speak Pool Solar Panels

pool solar panels
Thanks for staying with me on my journey to a warm pool that doesn’t cost $90.00 per month to heat. After spending almost two hours on the computer and phone trying to learn about pool solar panels I realized I was dealing exclusively with people who wanted something from me. They wanted my money. They were giving me information about  Pool Solar Panels that was pointing me at their product. I needed to find a source of information that would let me learn about pool solar panels without paying big bucks. I got a pen and paper and began writing down what each website and contractor had said. In total I had reviewed nine websites that had pool solar panels  as a product  and made fourteen phone calls to pool solar panels contractors. After reviewing my notes I realized that only three people I talked to had asked me questions. I learned more from the questions they asked me  about what I wanted my pool solar panels to do than I did from all the information that pointed me toward the products.

Pool Solar Panels Questions

All three contractors had asked the same questions. 1) What direction does your house face? 2) How many gallons of water in your pool? 3) How warm do you want you pool to be? 4) How much money do you want to spend on your pool solar panels? Now I didn’t want to talk to all those pool solar panels contractors again until I was smarter so I took the questions and went back the the computer. I put each question into Wikipedia. I learned a lot about what I wanted. In the process I kept running across the do it yourself solar water heater and do it yourself pool solar panels. Still didn’t check it out. Why did they ask me what direction? Because the efficiency of solar panels or pool solar panels are affected by two primary factors. First by the angle they are to the sun. If your roof line runs north/south then the majority of your roof does not “face into” the sun. A roof line that runs east/west will require a smaller solar panel. The roof mounted pool solar panels are the most common and are more efficient when they face south. If you’re in the US. The second factor is the material used to make your pool solar panels. Some of the newer materials being sold for solar energy systems are LESS efficient than some of the older. The efficiency controls the size of pool solar panels you need multiplied by the number of gallons in the pool. That was why they were asking the first question. The second and third questions were easy. I took a picture of my pool and took it to the store that sells the chlorine. They told me how many gallons my pool contained and what most people considered a warm pool. How much money do I want to spend? As little as possible! I had my answers.

Finally A Starting Point For Pool Solar Panels

I got back on the phone armed with my new knowledge and was quickly able to rule out some pool solar panels systems because of materials and most contractors because of cost. Remember the installer who asked me why didn’t I do it myself? He was my last call. Well he had the best numbers for and I still didn’t want to pay that much. He responded by telling me to do it myself. I finally went and checked those do it yourself  pool solar panels websites.

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How Pool Solar Panels Cut Costs To Heat Your Pool

March 9th, 2011 1 comment

 Pool Solar Panels And A Warm Pool

First of all, thanks for checking out my exploration into pool solar panels.pool solar panels
This all started for me when I got disgusted with the size of my electric bill if I ran my pool heater. I was astounded by the increase in the cost! We were paying over $89.00 more per month to get into a pool that was still almost cold.
One day I was sitting on the pool deck when I overheard my neighbor telling his wife that the pool was too hot. I had noticed that he had a small pool solar panel on his roof with some pipes running down the side of his house near the downspout, but didn’t connect it to my problem until I hears him talk to his wife.

Pool Solar Panels Confusion

Three minutes later I was Googling pool solar panels. Fifteen minutes later I was seriously confused and overloaded with information about solar energy, solar panels, photo voltaic cells and the difference between solar water heaters and pool solar panels. I don’t know how you deal with information overload, but my solution was to pick up the phone and start calling the “experts” on google’s first page for pool solar panels. Mostly they didn’t market to my area and weren’t interested in talking to someone who wasn’t going to make them money. The two listings on page one I didn’t call were diy solar water heater and diy pool solar panels. I didn’t want a solar water heater, I wanted pool solar panels, and I didn’t want to do it myself. So I went to the phone book and called the contractors listed under pool solar panels. The costs estimates were intimidating and the time frame was almost two months out. This is when I got my first brain storm!

Learning About Pool Solar Panels

Remember the listing I didn’t check out on Google?  The  I still didn’t want to do it myself but how different can a solar water panels be from a pool solar panels?  The prices for everything with the word “pool” in it were much higher than those for solar energy. So I started calling the listings for solar panels and solar energy panels. After one hour on the phone I realized that the people I was talking to for solar energy panel were the same people I was talking to for pool solar panels! While the prices were cheaper but  the time frame was the same and their was no clear difference between the systems. I was even more confused and beginning to feel I wasn’t going to get pool solar panels without paying a  lot of money. Finally one installer I was talking to asked why I didn’t  make the pool solar panels myself. I just laughed, told him no way and went back out to my not warm pool to think things over. What I started learning that day about  pool solar panels  is why I’m writing these articles.

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